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The Compass team has the expertise and experience that will benefit your company. We value hard work, attention to detail, and are committed to your success. Learn more about each of Compass team members.

Jim MacDougall, P.Eng.

Managing Director

Jim MacDougall, Managing Director, advises clients as a subject matter expert on renewable energy business strategy and procurement in Ontario and other solar markets. Jim has had in depth experience in the design, development and implementation of renewable energy procurement in Ontario, including the Feed-in Tariff Program, the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program and Clean Energy Standard Offer Programs as well as the competitive Renewable Energy Supply III procurement. He has served on the CanSIA Board of Directors and has actively supported industry associations including CanWEA, the Biogas Association, and Ontario Waterpower Association. Former management roles with the Ontario Energy Board, Toronto Hydro Energy Services, the Ontario Ministry of Energy, and most recently with the Ontario Power Authority (now the IESO) give him unique perspective in the industry and he advises a number of the largest developers and investors in wind and solar in Ontario. Jim has excellent contacts within the government, the Ontario Energy Board, local distribution companies including Hydro One, and is fluent in the IESO’s procurement and contract management processes for FIT and non-FIT electricity generation initiatives.

Jonathan Cheszes


Jonathan Cheszes, Director, regularly advises clients on the market and technical risks and opportunities throughout North America and has recently supported clients in understanding and quantifying curtailment risk associated with different contract vintages. Mr.Cheszes has a strong background in policy, technical and financial aspects related to solar and wind energy and has performed multiple market assessment and investor due diligence assignments.is formerly an Associate Director with Navigant Consulting and held positions with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) prior to Navigant. While at Navigant he provided market assessments in support of some of the largest recent Canadian renewable energy transactions and he served as the FIT 2.1 procurement Evaluation Monitor and has led the provision of Independent Engineering services to a Canadian institutional lender for Ontario solar projects.

Ian Howes

Managing Consultant

Ian Howes, Managing Consultant, is redefining the relationship between economics and the environment. With a current focus on renewable energy, specifically solar PV, Ian assists in the development of projects from inception through to commercial operation. Specific responsibilities involve facilitating negotiations with; energy customers; land owners; community power groups; municipalities; indigenous groups; investors and lenders; incumbent utilities; regulatory bodies; conservation authorities; subcontractors, equipment, and service providers. His work is responsibly developed with stakeholder engagement respectfully considered. Outside of work, Ian currently sits on the board of Toronto Beer Week.

Rachelle McCann, EIT

Senior Consultant

Rachelle McCann, Consultant, is a versed Ontario clean energy professional with experience in LRP application support, FIT application support and achieving FIT Contract milestones, and accessing Domestic Content compliance through factory and desktop audits. Ms. McCann has conducted market assessments on Canadian markets including Ontario, Alberta, and BC, as well as select markets across North America to evaluate their attractiveness for rooftop solar applications. Ms. McCann participates in a number of industry associations including CanSIA, WiRE, and ELSE. Formerly a Review Engineer Assistant at the Ministry of the Environment, Ms. McCann conducted compliance reviews regarding air emissions of nitrogen oxides. Ms. McCann holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Toronto for Chemical Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Energy.

Doug Proska, EIT


Douglas Proska, Consultant, is experienced as an Electrical Engineer with a completed Bachelor of Engineering in Sustainable and Renewable Energy: Smart Grid and Power Distributions. He started his engineering career with Endurance Wind Power, in Surrey BC. While working with Endurance Mr. Proska had the opportunity to lead a project in designing and constructing an automated test station to ensure all wind turbines electrical hardware including generators, programmable logic controllers (PLC), power meters, relays, and overloads safe and correct operation prior to shipping. He has hands on installation experience with 2 site installs of 50kW wind turbine panels in the nacelle and at the base of the tower. Since joining Compass, Mr. Proska worked as a project lead to bring Proponents through the Large Renewable Procurement I Request for Proposal “LRP I RFP” process. He executed meetings and negotiations with municipalities and third party engineering firms to satisfy all requirements or the RFP.

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