Past Projects

Take a look at some of our past projects that we’ve led to successful completion. These projects showcase our strategic insight within the four key service offerings.

North American Residential Solar Market Evaluation

• IKEA US and IKEA Canada, an international global furniture retailer, wanted to determine if it should enter into the North American residential solar market.

• Compass provided a cross jurisdictional analysis of 22 states and 5 provinces comparing both federal, state and local policies to support solar PV deployment as well as market size and utility rates.

• Compass also conducted a payback analysis across jurisdictions to help inform the ranking of states attractiveness from a market entry perspective.

• This analysis revealed the patchwork of incentives across North American jurisdictions, informing the retailer’s strategy.

Ontario Solar and Wind Market Assessment

• For Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Compass completed an in-depth analysis of the Ontario solar and wind market, including the development of contracted and committed resources, the key players, the manufacturing capability and the current cost environment for utility scale solar in Ontario.

• The research conducted for this assignment included evaluating the secondary market for solar assets both pre and post contract award.

• The analysis also looked at pricing differences between Domestic Content and foreign component based systems as well as the future of large scale procurement in Ontario and recommended a market entry strategy for OPG.

• An important part of the deliverables was a technical report outlining the findings of our analysis and our recommendations.

Large Renewable Procurement I - RFQ and RFP

• Compass acted as the Project Compliance Coordinator for a portfolio of LRP applications for ground-mounted solar submissions in the LRP I RFP.

• Compass delivered complete and robust application packages by ensuring bid compliance and successfully passed RFQ and RFP bid stages.

• Compass utilized its experience in dealing with the IESO to guide clients for both ground mounted solar and wind projects, including strategy, quality assurance as well as taking lead role in community engagement.

Feed-in-Tariff Portfolio Due Diligence

• Compass acted as the Domestic Content Auditor on a portfolio of ground-mounted solar projects, totalling over 40 MW.

• Compass developed and implemented best practices in order for clients to meet DC requirements and lender expectations.

• Compass ensured compliance by reviewing and evaluating the quality and managing compilation of all DC documentation.

Connection Feasibility and Assessments

• Assess provincial grid capacity and near-term transmission upgrades.

• Specify electrical equipment.

• Single line diagram schematics including protection circuits.

• Identify suitable connection points to minimize connection costs and demonstrate on a Distribution and Operating Map.

Community Energy System Asset Manager

• Study of operation and maintenance plans for Combined Head and Power (CHP) facility in operation and scheduled expansion to reach 12,500 people.

• Review of operational parameters for chillers, evaporative cooling towers, and high efficiency condensing boilers.

• Recruitment of operational expertise to monitor and respond to system alarms.

Distributed Generation Task Force

• CanSIA created the Distributed Generation Task Force (DGTF) to consult on and design a transition for the Ontario distributed solar industry to move away from the current Feed-in Tariff regime and into a net metering based framework.

• Compass researched regulatory and policy best practices in solar procurement, facilitated discussion and presented to members on issues to consider, and helped to author the final report.

Ontario Feed-in Tariff Program Design and Implementation

• Jim MacDougall, Managing Director, was responsible for managing the consultation, design and implementation of the FIT Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program while at the OPA.

• Compass continues to work with government, the regulator, LDCs, and the IESO to advance program policy objectives through enhancements and refinements to the program rules and contracts.

• Policy advocacy and program improvements are targeted to better align the Ontario FIT program with an evolution towards a strong net metering program in the province which will benefit customers, solar companies, utilities and rate-payers.

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